Pet Portraits ~ Custom Order

Celebrate your pet with a drawing or painting by Sonja.

Pet portraits are a favorite way to celebrate our furry family members! Hand created dog and cat portraits from photos are popular gifts for birthday, Christmas or anniversaries. And custom art pet memorial paintings and drawings are an elegant way to honor the life of our beloved pets.

"Because I'm a pet artist who works from your photographs, I can create a hand drawn portrait of your pet regardless of their age. We can adapt their expression or their surroundings, such as include their favorite toy in their portrait." ~ Sonja



Before and After Drawing of Spaniel


Ollie is a Springer Spaniel featured in this pencil drawing. Sonja worked with Ollie's mom to combine several poses and capture just the right expression that she wanted for his portrait.


When you hire Sonja, you are in the creative seat! What size and style do you desire?

  • Black and White Pencil Drawings
  • Colored Pencil Drawings
  • Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Suggested sizes:

  • 8x10
  • 11x14
  • 16 x 20
  • 18 x 24

Ordering a custom portrait is very personal and prices vary, based on size and subjects. Average commission price ranges $200 - $750.

Sonja works with you based on your vision, budget and timeframe. She provides free estimates along with concept sketches to help you decide on the perfect artwork that reflects who you are.

You provide:

  1. Photographs of your pet(s) (1-3 photos are best) along with a description of their personality and important details you want the artist to know.
  2. Include your gift deadline or event date (if you have one).

Sonja will follow up with:

  1. Reviewing your photographs.
  2. Contacting you by email, phone or video to ask questions about what you would like to see for style and size.
  3. Will send a free estimate! Concept sketches are also included at no charge.

    Schedule your artwork: Deposit payment is required to schedule your artwork on Sonja's commission calendar.

    Where should I send my pet photos? Email your photographs to Sonja. Paper photos can be delivered or mailed and Sonja will return them to you with your finished artwork.

    Photography services are not included. An additional quote for photography services will be provided upon request.

    Framing services are not included. An additional quote for framing will be provided upon request.

    Artwork Delivery: Artworks will be delivered flat (not rolled) and unframed. Local buyers to Central Virginia may pick up the artwork from the Fredericksburg area by arranging local delivery/pick up. All other artworks will be shipped to the address of your choice for the additional cost of shipping.


    Find out the top 3 reasons why Sonja works from photographs on pet portraits in this video:


    The best pet portraits are personalized for each family! Here are a few of Sonja's recently sold pet artworks:   
    Pet Portrait Commission Gallery

    Questions? Please contact me with any questions or ideas would like to discuss. 

    Prefer to book a call? Join a 10 minute call with Sonja to talk about your vision, ask and answer questions and discover if Sonja is the right artist for your custom artwork idea. It's important to work with an artist whose style you like and whose personality is a good fit for you. This consultation gives you a chance to interview the artist in real time!