House Portraits ~ Custom Order

Celebrate favorite memories with a drawing or painting by Sonja.

Art Created from Your Photos

House Portraits are custom orders that are scheduled directly with Sonja. They are the most popular way to honor a family home. Custom house portraits inspire childhood memories, preserve a grandparent's home place, or create a new family tradition.  Many customers gift these drawings as birthday, Christmas and anniversary presents.  Is there a more beautiful way to treasure your special home? 

"I'm an artist who works from photographs to create house portraits. This provides the opportunity to show your home during any season or from earlier time periods. I specialize in historical architecture and capturing the small details that make your home unique. I'm looking forward to creating a house portrait for you!" ~ Sonja 

House portrait before and after by Sonja

Offering Several Styles and Sizes

Several Styles and Sizes of house portraits available


How does this work?

You provide:

  1. Photographs of your home to get started, 1-3 photos are best.
  2. Include your gift deadline or event date (if you have one)? 

Sonja will follow up with:

  1. Reviewing your photographs.
  2. Contacting you by email, phone or video to ask questions about what you would like to see for style and size.
  3. Will send a free estimate! Plus a concept sketch for your review.
  4. Upon approval of concept sketch you'll receive an invoice for deposit payment. 

Schedule your artwork: Receipt of deposit payment will confirm your artwork on Sonja's commission calendar.

Where should I send my house photos? Email your photographs to Sonja. Paper photos can be delivered or mailed. Sonja will return them to you with your finished artwork.

Photography services are not included. An additional quote for photography services will be provided upon request.

Artwork Delivery: Your custom artwork will be completed in 2 to 10 weeks. If you need your artwork rushed before 2 weeks, please contact me now. Local buyers to Central Virginia may pick up the artwork from the Fredericksburg area by arranging local delivery/pick up. All other artworks will be shipped to the address of your choice for the additional cost of shipping.

What houses have you drawn before? Here are a few more of Sonja's house portraits: