Snack Time at Carl's - Art Out and About with Sonja

Snack Time at Carl's - Art Out and About with Sonja

January 23, 2021

Who is missing personal connection these days? I sure am! 

As a way to focus my energy and stay connected with you, I'm delighted to launch this new video series. Follow along with me as I go out and about with my art pieces to the local sites that inspired them. Fredericksburg, Virginia is where the series begins... more coming soon from my favorite spots throughout Virginia.

Featured in this video, "Snack Time at Carl's" was inspired by Carl's Frozen Custard, a business dating back to mid-century modern America (and the cool architecture from that time!!). It's a registered Virginia Historic Landmark. And it's the most popular spot in town for a sweet treat! 

I introduce this hand drawn pencil artwork and just a couple of things that I loved about creating it. Watch it now and let me know where you think my next drawing should be? - Sonja 💜 


Write Sonja - "What location should Sonja cover next?"

View "Snack Time at Carl's" which is available in Sonja's shop.