DIY Decoupage Art Eggs | Art @ Home

DIY Decoupage Art Eggs | Art @ Home

March 22, 2021

Everybody can be creative - even people who don't feel "artistic."

Sonja shares her favorite Easter craft which is a great project for all experience levels - from beginners to experienced artists. Find out how to make colorful, creative egg art. Join Sonja for her DIY tips that will have you making your own fabric decoupage Easter eggs.

Items used in this video: styrofoam egg shapes, fabric swatches, scissors, Mod Podge decoupage, foam brushes and aluminum foil.

Decoupage is an art form that decorates an object by glueing colorful cutouts onto it. Mod Podge is a glue and sealer that will varnish your egg art. When dried they are great for decorating your home for spring!

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