Custom Portrait of Pet and Owner

Custom Portrait of Pet and Owner

August 23, 2020

Owner and Pet Portrait Art Created from Your Photos

Pet Portraits are a favorite way to celebrate our beloved fur babies! Dog and cat portraits have long been popular gifts for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries. And having a pet memorial portrait preserves a precious memory in time of our departed pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

I've also received a growing number of requests for portraits of owners with their dogs. I feel so honored to work with each pet lover in creating something so special!

Because I'm an artist who works from your photographs, I can create a portrait of your pet regardless of their age. We can adapt multiple photos to include your selfie alongside your fur baby. I enjoy working with my clients to create beautiful and sentimental portraits that celebrate your favorite memories. 

Have you given yourself the gift of a pet portrait? Wondering where to start? Call or email me for information. Or go ahead and send a couple of photos to me to start the conversation about your new artwork. 

~ Sonja