Custom Pet Memorial Portraits

Custom Pet Memorial Portraits

January 05, 2020

Pets really are members of the family, and the death of a cherished dog or cat can be a significant loss for the whole family. While we will be carrying them in our hearts for a very long time, a memento such as a pet portrait helps us to honor and cherish our pets' gifts of love to us. A framed wall art is something we can place in our home and have near to us. 

I'm often asked, "what exactly is a pet portrait?" And I answer, "It can be anything you want it to be! That's the beauty of art." 

I prefer to work from your favorite pet photos as I capture your fur baby in a drawing or painting. You may prefer a traditional head & shoulder portrait or perhaps you'll want them on their favorite pillow, in the yard or even walking them along the rainbow bridge in their portrait. Because we are working together on a custom order that you schedule directly with me, we can create something unique to your own family's lifestyle, taste and memories. It will be your very own custom pet memorial portrait, like no one else's. 

Because I'm an artist who works from photographs, I can capture your pet in an artwork regardless of their age. Find out more about creating your own pet portrait memorial by contacting me today.  ~ Sonja