Custom Art for Interior Designers

Custom Art for Interior Designers

February 29, 2020

From my earliest days as an aspiring artist in high school, I was often inspired to create artwork-by-request. Those around me would ask, "Sonja, can you draw a picture of my house and include some design elements that are in my mind?" One thing led to another and, much to my surprise, by the time I graduated my senior year I had a growing list of buyers (including several teachers!). 

Over the years, I have sharpened my interpretive skills and gained many clients who appreciate my talent for "taking an idea out of someone's head and putting it on paper."

This skill translates wonderfully to the world of Interior Design. Not only do I LOVE working with other creative professionals, I also thoroughly enjoy the challenge of creating artwork to complete a designer's specific vision.

Below is one example of a collaboration with Downey Designs & Interiors, Inc.  Downey Designs provided me with fabric swatches, the finished sizes needed, and a deadline for installation. I planned and created four original paintings to compliment the designer’s concept. This included incorporating architectural brickwork from the historic entry path into one of the paintings, essentially bringing the outdoors inside.

As a fellow professional in the field of art, I strive to work with designers' budgets to meet the best of design and price for each project. I work with interior designers to meet their custom color palettes and compliment their residential and commercial office art needs. I'm grateful when I have the opportunity to create art for interior designers!