A Drawing of Snack Time at Carl's in Fredericksburg

A Drawing of Snack Time at Carl's in Fredericksburg

November 01, 2019

Who loves Carl's Frozen Custard? Everyone who's ever visited this historic ice cream destination! Locals to central Virginia know this iconic Fredericksburg landmark as one of the best places to enjoy a summer treat.

The outdoor setting of this ice cream shop makes it a perfect destination for dog lovers to share the love of frozen custard in a historic setting with their owners. On any given day, you'll see adorable fur babies waiting in line with their family for a chance to lick some yummy goodness.

The experience of stepping back in time to stand in line and pick your flavor - seems to transport each of us to the past. There are times I've eaten there and remembered my dad's trips with us for ice cream when I was five years old. Other times I imagine what it would have been like to visit this place in the 1950's or 60's. Just imagine all of the people who stood in this same line, delightfully viewing the very same menu board (which seriously has never changed). And then standing outside eating our treats under the neon sign along Princess Anne Street. 

I recreated a memorable moment in my artistic rendering of an ice cream-loving golden retriever enjoying his own vanilla custard. "Snack Time at Carl's" is an original pencil drawing in which I combined black & white pencil on the architecture with colored pencils on the golden retriever and neon sign. To date, this is my most commented artwork. And while it's the only artwork of its kind, everyone I meet around town has their very own Carl's memory to share with me. That's the beauty of art - it connects each of us in meaningful ways!  ~ Sonja

Artwork for sale: This drawing is available for sale and is available as a reproduction print